TSA’s PreCheck program is not all that simple

The Sept. 5 article and, subsequently, the Sept. 9 editorial about the Transportation Security Agency’s PreCheck program to expedite passenger flow failed to mention a couple of things. According to the TSA website, the agency anticipates that applicants will have to pay $85 for the five-year enrollment, which can be paid online or at one of the enrollment centers. For those who don’t like to get to the airport early or those who don’t like to wait in line, $85 might be a reasonable fee.

The website also indicates that, for right now, only two airports in the country – Washington Dulles and Indianapolis – are validating identification and processing fingerprints. Those parts of the process need to be done in person. The website indicates that additional enrollment sites will be established this fall.

As far as Honolulu’s airport, only one expedited checkpoint is open – No. 5 in the main terminal. How many travelers know exactly where checkpoint 5 is in main terminal? And for interisland travelers that means, at present, the traveler needs to go through that specific checkpoint and then walk back through the terminal to the interisland terminal. Easier, I think, to get there early and stand in line.

Michael Nye

Maui Meadows