Use of Bible in same-sex marriage is disrespectful

When you think of marriage, you think of a man and a woman in a church in front of a pastor holding a Bible. It was a church creation and not a state one. That is why the government is wrong for holding a special session to allow gays to get married. It is a violation of separation of church and state. The government should stay out of the issue all together.

I am not going to start a debate on whether homosexuality is moral or immoral. We can argue that all day and it will go nowhere. The issue is not gay marriage, it is separation of church and state.

Yes, I know that Muslims, Jews and other religions have weddings, too. But the difference is that they use the Quran, Torah or other holy book and not the Bible. We all know that gays will use a pastor with a Bible, which really disrespects the Christians. That is why the government is wrong for getting involved in this.

Erin McLaughlin