Ad decries discrimination while it discriminates

I find it rather interesting that “these churches on Maui,” formerly stated as “the churches on Maui,” are spending thousands of dollars on multiple half-page ads saying “Don’t DISCRIMINATE against OUR VALUES.”

The effect of these ads is discrimination against loving couples of the same gender wishing to share the same civil rights to which opposite-gender couples are legally entitled. Many less-narrow-minded churches and individuals disagree with these churches’ position on this issue.

Notice I said same gender, rather than same sex. This isn’t about sex. It’s about civil rights. People of either gender, legally old enough to marry, can legally engage in sex without the benefit of marriage. Loving couples of either the same or opposite gender should be able to share the same civil rights. A loving committed relationship is a good thing, regardless of any discriminating religious dogma.

My opposite-gender wife and I will be celebrating our 42nd anniversary in November. We have many same-gender couple friends that wish to have the same civil rights we have as a legally married couple, and we support this 100 percent.

Rather than spending thousands of dollars promoting laws to diminish the lives of other people who even the pope has recently accepted, I suggest they spend this money helping the people of our Maui ohana who need help. I think this is what Jesus would do.

Harlan Hughes