Ad does not represent all the churches on Maui

An Oct. 18 letter writer said, “I’m straight, but not narrow,” speaking of the push for marriage equality for gays. I agree. Me too.

A group calling themselves “The churches on Maui” opposes marriage equality. They are buying half-page ads in The Maui News every day.

First of all, they are not “The churches on Maui,” they are some of the churches on Maui. My own church (Episcopal) officially supports gay marriage.

Second, don’t they have something better to do with the many thousands of dollars they are spending on half-page ads in The Maui News every day? (Sundays $1,623; weekdays $1,368). Like, they could feed the hungry, work for medical care for everyone, help the unemployed.

I don’t think Pope Francis would approve of such expenditures when there is so much need in the world. He said recently that the two big places the church needs to work are for the elderly and for the unemployed youth. Right on, Pope Francis.

Thank you, The Maui News, for endorsing marriage equality in your editorials.

Sally Raisbeck