Affordable Care Act puts burden where it belongs

Those against the Affordable Care Act often base their opposition on being forced by Big Brother to carry health insurance. Of course, they aren’t actually forced to do so, but rather encouraged via monetary penalties if they do not. An Oct. 6 letter writer calls this “crazy.”

Personally, I am delighted to see this in the law. I, like many others, have considered it my personal responsibility to ensure that I’ve had health insurance my entire adult life – about 30 years now. What does that really mean? Well, first, it means that I haven’t been a burden on the system. But it also means that I’ve been subsidizing the health care costs for the uninsured all this time. And quite frankly, I’m tired of it.

So the next time you start thinking, “Poor me, why am I being forced to comply with this crazy law?” think beyond yourself and realize your effect on the bigger picture.

Brad Fitkin