Airport parking garage is a rip-off for taxpayers

Estimated to cost $300 million, the parking garage proposed for the airport will house 1,500 to 2,000 cars.

Do the math. That’s either $150,000 to $200,000 per parking stall.

Oh, and the lower floor will be below grade – in a flood-inundation area. But that didn’t stop county planners from issuing a finding of no significant impact in approving the Department of Transportation application.

One wonders how/why does this happen when the General Plan Advisory Committee recommended buses to shuttle visitors to their hotels and that rental companies move near the resorts.

What it’s all about is concrete. Continuously pouring the stuff assures contractors and engineering companies stay busy, workers have jobs and politicians get campaign contributions. It works well for everyone except taxpayers who get, well, screwed.

While visitors will be saved five minutes wait time for their cars, half our kids will still go to school in temporary classrooms.

Mark Sheehan