America on downward spiral that’s unsustainable

As the American society surpasses the tipping point of dependency on the federal and state government programs, the country is in a down spiral that is unsustainable, if not for this generation, certainly for future generations.

The financial irresponsibility of this and the previous administration is not only appalling, but totally irresponsible.

Now with the debacle of Obamacare, it is obvious to those who have clarity of thinking beyond party politics that the program will add to the deficit countless trillions of dollars with little effect in the overall health care of the country.

As the mendicant population continues to grow, with the full support and encouragement of the government, dependency in a system that is a house of cards fuels expectations of greater benefits, giveaways and free just about everything.

The day will come when such largesse will be no longer possible and the system will collapse under the weight of its inability to tax, borrow and spend any longer, because there will be very limited ability to tax and none to borrow.

Limited to just printing money, the United States will follow the path of Germany in the 1930s, Argentina in the 1960s and 1980s, and many other countries which made their currency, literally, not worth the paper that it was printed on.

Jose Caubet