Americans are overdosing on food and medication

People are constantly filling their mouths with things. If they’re not talking, drinking or taking pills, they are eating. Americans eat while working. They eat while driving. They eat in front of the television and in movie theaters. They eat at beaches and at meals.

Feeding the American addiction to the various sensations of eating, the government now recommends that its citizens become grazers. The government suggests that we eat often and in abundance. It recommends six servings of vegetables and fruits. Many Americans think that this means six meals.

What people do not understand is that eating, even lightly, but often, sets the digestive system in motion. The gall bladder, the pancreas, the intestines, the liver and various glands secrete acids, bile, pancreatic fluids and so forth every time one puts food into an activated stomach. Eating often, in physiological terms, is like turning on all the machinery in a factory each time one passes through to a snack machine.

My teacher used to say: Disdain food, just as you do quarrels, because all superfluous food is harmful.

Americans are overdosing on calories, proteins, junk food and drink and excess medication.

I used to treat a very successful and intelligent businesswoman. She would lament the gain of weight. One day she said in all seriousness: Someone must be putting food in my mouth while I sleep.

Raphael O’Suna