Better things for council to spend money on

Mahalo to Maui County Council Member Riki Hokama for not spending $80,000 to $100,000 on an audit for the Old Wailuku Post Office (The Maui News, Oct. 1). Now the price for an internal audit was about $5,000.

I can think of a few things that that money may be spent on:

* Dictionaries for the mayor’s staff as they seem to not know the difference between demolition and rehabilitation. Spellcheck will not help you out if they are spelled correctly.

* Hearing aids and eyeglasses for the council members and their staff as they could not see or hear a building being demolished a building away from where they work most of the time.

* Buying a subscription to The Maui News for council members so that they can read what is happening around them on Maui, as there were pictures and stories about the old post office on the front page for at least two days.

* Buying four in-the-ground adjustable baskets for West Maui parks so that the K-2 grade basketball players can play any time they want instead of the just the 3-1/2 months that the baskets are out.

Steven B. Ashfield