Big business got from Congress what it bought

The U.S. House adults stepped in at the last minute and kept the stupids from becoming the insane and taking the nation over the brink. But they earned the label of insane nonetheless because they’ll be back at it again in January.

Big business got what it bought when it got these nut cases elected to Congress. It just didn’t think they would be this stupid. The head of American Express, interviewed as the crisis neared the brink, was strongly critical of the stupids and the crisis they fomented. His company, however, is a key big-business member, along with our state’s cable system, of a group called American Legislative Exchange Council. A good description of it, its power and who belongs is at

In brief, its relevant work is at the state Legislature level where it is responsible for gerrymandered congressional districts to create more white Republican voting areas and marginalize black and Hispanic Democratic areas. It then backs uninformed candidates who salivate like Pavlov’s dogs whenever words such as debt, budget deficit and now Obamacare are mentioned.

Instead of salivating, however, they slobbered over government spending, but the shutdown cost the government about $25 billion, the economy an equal amount and, of course, that much was added to the deficit and the debt. They added other millions by tying up the House, filibustering in the Senate and holding more than 40 stupid votes to repeal Obamacare.

Don’t spend in their districts, don’t patronize ALEC members.

Howard Fields