Case made that new appraisal is needed

The Oct. 27 Viewpoint by County Council Member Mike White regarding the need for a new appraisal for the potential purchase by the county for land in Launiupoko was really needed. As much as I tried to follow the various articles in The Maui News, it wasn’t really clear why White felt a new appraisal was necessary.

His article makes it obvious that the original appraisal is pretty close to worthless and does not represent the true value of the property and it does appear that it was designed for one or more people to benefit financially without truthful facts. A true appraisal is not one ordered with the recipient setting limitations as to the facts or guidelines that ignore all the realities of the property.

I am in favor of the purchase of the land – just a fair purchase value, not one contrived to the benefit of the seller and others who may benefit.

Thanks to White for working for the benefit of the taxpayers of Maui County.

L. David Taylor