Clean energy production must involve all islands

Clean and sustainable energy offers Hawaii the security and independence that is needed moving into the next millennium. Hawaii can continue to implement alternative ways to reduce our current appetite for expensive energy by using energy audit modeling to determine how best to save and reduce consumption.

This can be a multifaceted approach by upgrading homes and buildings to meet current building codes with updates in insulation, lighting systems, thermal windows, replacement of old mechanical pumps and air-conditioning systems and a general reduction in daily use. By becoming more educated, we will rethink how we use and save energy on a daily basis.

This is a monumental yet achievable task that will take cooperation from the people of Hawaii. We know how important it is in sharing with all our islands, the potential rewards and benefits from this new future of our energy is in our hands. All of Hawaii’s islands will need to be involved in the creation of our own power supply.

This cannot simply be an export of power from one small island to a large island. It will be important in making all the islands connected to these sources of energy to be grid tied. This type of grid will make the flow of energy to all the neighboring islands dependable and affordable for future generations.

It can easily be compared on how the islands were managed for thousands of years, using what we have and conserving our resources.

Rob Bloom