Complainers just getting started on their agenda

Never fails when there is a cloud of smoke and the fallout of cane ash that there will be a handful of letters written by those, who to this day, completely amaze me. Where are they from? Why did they leave? Or better yet, were they thrown out of their hometowns or sent here to annoy the rest of us that were just fine with the way things are?

Are these the same ones who decided that our once rural community needs to rid the island of roosters and chickens? Why? To make it more like the place they came from?

To get back on point, this whole anti-cane burning issue isn’t what worries me. What does, however, is the rest of their agenda. Don’t think for one second that these people will rest once there is an alternative to burning cane. These people are just getting started, and where will it end? When this place looks and feels like all the crappy places on the Mainland that they came from? Probably so.

Many others, as myself, came here to acclimate to the ways of our host culture, not destroy what is left. I say “these people” because I find their lack of fact-finding and/or research deplorable. To constantly spew their nonsense is nothing more than senseless bellyaching.

The bottom line, if someone has a viable solution then, great, go share it with Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. If not, keep the hope and change to themselves.

Barry Kevin Winston