Demonizing opposition not proper form of debate

It is amazing to me that the over-the-top rhetoric aimed at the Tea Party can possibly be conceived as any more than flat-out propaganda from an administration and political party that does not tolerate any opposition to their beliefs in the arena of ideas.

As an informed citizen involved in the Tea Party since the end of George W. Bush’s term, I am saddened by this behavior in a formally free society that allowed free speech and opinions. Now those opinions are only welcome if coming from the far left side of the spectrum.

I will never understand why opposition to big government takeover in every area of American life should be considered tactics of terrorists. Why expecting fiscal responsibility from our government should be equal to strapping bombs to our chests. Why supporting the rights of the individual should be considered holding Americans hostage.

Yes, elections have consequences, but demonizing and degrading half of the American people who are not true believers of the progressive agenda should not be the accepted form of debate in America. We should be debating ideas, not trying to destroy the opposition.

Valerie Sisneros