DOE employees not being paid what they deserve

The State of Hawaii has been slacking for years. How? By letting the Department of Education employees suffer for years without paying them what they deserve. Many different groups within the DOE deserve better pay.

Paraprofessionals are a group of people who work within the special education department. These professionals work hard and are the forerunners for helping teachers and the administration of schools help to enforce school rules, work with groups of children or a child. Paraprofessionals also help out with special education teachers, general education teachers and minor clerical work for the office.

Obviously another group is teachers. Teachers go to school for a long period of time earning their bachelor’s or even master’s degrees. Teachers go through different training to ensure proper growth of students’ education. With all the time and money spent on getting an education to become a teacher in Hawaii, it is not worth it.

But some teachers feel differently. A study shows that 69 percent of teachers kept their jobs because it is more important to mold young minds and influence lives for the betterment of society. In fact, the money to pay our teachers could be put to better uses, like maybe paying to fix our homeless problem or working on it. How is that coming along?

I strongly believe DOE employees work hard and don’t get the pay they deserve. Everything out there says get an education to get better pay, why not them? Why not the state DOE employees?

Rusty-William K. Pajimola-Aiu