Don’t use tax money to control chickens and cats

I hope that the county is not using our hardworking tax money for this problem of cats and chickens (The Maui News, Sept. 13).

You have homeless problems and you’re going to spend money on this? I just watched the forum on TV – all Caucasians. What’s up with this?

Why the cat problem? People are the ones who let them go for what reason. I won’t go into that. Now, how to solve the problem?

Now, chickens: I for one have no problem. I can live with them. If you don’t like them, well look the other way like everything else. Only replants from the Mainland and a few others don’t like this. Catch them and eat them. Why not? Better than fish. Better than poi.

Chicken adobo, chicken and long rice, chicken and papaya – the list goes on.

When we get caught catching them, people cry cruelty to animals.

Rudy Sumabat