Experience raising a child with Down syndrome

To celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month, a take on raising a child with Down syndrome: From discovering in womb that your child will more than likely have Down syndrome. Doctors educating you about the multiple health and mental issues. To a doctor advising terminating pregnancy. The anguished decision to keep child. To the instant love at birth and think what a great choice you have made. The monthlong hospital stay on the Mainland for the heart issue most Down syndrome babies are born with. The forgetting of all the horror and tears of the hospital stay because you love your baby so much. The rushes to the emergency room washed away when your baby becomes a child that perfectly loving soul.

Come to present some six years later and your baby has become the school rock star, where little classmates line up to kiss him for his birthday. Who shows no ego when getting busted doing the wrong thing and instantly apologizes for his/her actions. Your special child touches so many souls every day, as you wonder, “Am I the one with ‘special needs’?” The child quick to hug and peck you on the cheek and you feel it down to your heels. Or something like that.

Andrew Bayron