Facility in bad shape, but pool staff impressive

I read with interest the criticism of the Lahaina Aquatic Center (Letters, Oct. 22) and want to add my perspective. I’ve been a frequent swimmer at LAC for almost 10 years and have used pools around the world my entire adult life. LAC is, by far, my favorite pool. The setting, the people and just the general aloha of the place always makes me smile and the water quality is terrific.

Facility maintenance is an issue that everyone is aware is less than optimal. However, that does not reflect on the staff at the pool. I’ve always been impressed with the care that the guards give to the pool despite limited resources and a deteriorating facility.

It seems that the county has trouble keeping up with maintenance. In particular, the locker room is a place that I avoid assiduously due to the fear of infection since I have personally witnessed individuals with open, infected sores using the facilities, and it just seems unclean. I stopped taking showers there years ago.

Recently I had the opportunity to use the Kihei pool and noticed the superior condition of that physical plant. Why the difference, I can only surmise.

Mahalo to all the staff at the LAC for the many years of great swimming. Hopefully many more to come.

John Helly

Encinitas, Calif.