Fear tactics are used to overshadow the facts

Let’s talk genetically modified organisms and pesticides. First, the anti’s cannot prove or find any proved scientific harm from GMO plants. A fact. So, they jump on the seed companies’ pesticide use, conveniently forgetting that all farmers and homeowners use pesticides.

The anti’s intentionally inflate the usage numbers over many years to make it appear large. To illustrate: Did you know that since 1956 there have been 300,176 pounds of flying insect pesticide spray used in homes? Many of the occupants of these homes have been found to have cancer. We must ban all flying insect pesticide sprays now.

The anti’s then introduce legislation to ban all flying insect pesticides. They convince legislators, using lies, partial facts, fear tactics and street demonstrations to overshadow the scientific evidence and sell the idea of banning flying insect pesticides.

The legislators, having little to no scientific understanding of the facts and fearful of not being re-elected, vote to ban flying insect pesticides. Businesses involved in the sale of flying insect pesticides go out of business and their employees go on unemployment.

Welcome to the islands of Kauai and Hawaii.

Don Gerbig