Firm energy is needed for a secure power grid

The utility power grid is essential for the island’s livelihood because it distributes power for everyday use. The utility power grid is only useful and efficient when voltage and electrical speed (cycles) on the grid remain constant. Fuel energy is preferred because it can be controlled by power plants. This requirement assures the system’s stability.

In the past, the only major source of instability was fluctuating power demand. Because demand trends could be anticipated, machines were dispatched at optimum levels using firm fuel energy.

Today, wind and photovoltaic (alternate) energy adds to system instability because of erratic changes from wind and sun effects. This results in unpredictable and unfavorable levels of operation which risk machine performance and lowers fuel efficiency.

Firm energy secures a strong power grid. Pumped storage, hydrogen, geothermal, hydropower, waste to energy, biofuel, etc., must be part of the mix to replace fuel. Wind, photovoltaic and other unstable energy sources are the wrong choices. Voltage and electrical speed must remain constant. If the latter is allowed to overcome firm fuel energy, the utility power grid will become useless, and with it the island’s economic structure.

Greg Kauwe