Group, students working for Upcountry skate park

The Upcountry Skateboard Alliance is spearheaded by two King Kekaulike High School students. The goal is to create a public skate park on county land in Pukalani or Makawao. These student-citizens have made this cause their senior projects.

Thirty-plus supporters gathered for a group photo before Mayor Alan Arakawa and his staff at the budget meeting in Pukalani. Many testified with the hope of securing seed money for initial design work. Our keiki and young adults stole the show.

As a 3-year-old silently rolled in front of the group with his longboard and helmet, teenagers articulated the virtues of skateboarding and the value of a place to call their own. These were the same things I felt about skateboarding 25 years ago but never spoke to a mayor and a packed audience using a microphone. What a powerful event to witness.


* Upcountry is the only community on Maui without a skate park.

* Skating is illegal on all public roadways and private business districts.

* A skate park can infuse vitality into a neighborhood as a focal point of pride and a safe gathering place for athletic competitions, exhibits and concerts.

Please watch for Upcountry Skateboard Alliance events. As our supporters collaborate, the mayor and County Council will recognize the imua and laulima occurring and fund an Upcountry skate park.

Petar Kovacic

Upcountry Skateboard Alliance