HC&S ignoring conditions of its burn permit

The complaints to Department of Health and Environmental Protection Agency were rolling in again Oct. 15 as the central valley filled with a low, smoky haze due to Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. burns early that morning. This despite all statewide weather reports predicting continued light variable winds.

The last two weeks of cane burns are an exact repeat of last fall when vog and light winds prevailed and HC&S continued to burn.

Obviously, the company chooses to ignore conditions of its 2013 burn permit, which expressly states that weather conditions such as these should result in “no burn” days.

HC&S General Manager Rick Volner apologized for Oct. 11’s excessive ash, thanking the community for its patience (The Maui News, Oct. 13).

That patience is running thin for Maui’s impacted communities. Citizens are growing more frustrated and calls for public meetings are increasing.

When will the Department of Health and any of Maui’s elected officials come forward in support of the health and quality of life of our community and demand more sustainable practices from this company?

Irene Bowie

Maui Tomorrow Foundation