Homosexual sex is a sin, goes against natural law

As a Catholic, I am tired of being told that I am not accepting, that I do not love but spread hate because I believe homosexual sex is a sin. God is love and he has placed within the heart of every person truths. These truths are based upon the natural law. Homosexual sex goes against the natural law.

It is with true charity and love that I warn of a sin so great that it will merit an eternal suffering beyond our imagination in an unquenchable fire. And it is a suffering that never ends.

Those Christian leaders and churches who “do Christ’s work” (Letters, Oct. 18) by promoting homosexuality have promoted worldwide apostasy because of their nuance to Scripture. They give their version of Christ by promoting false ideas of God’s love based on their own opinions, feelings and misunderstanding of sacred Scripture. They lead souls they were entrusted with to guide to perdition, along with themselves.

I do love and extend compassion and understanding to people with homosexual tendencies, but I cannot rewrite nature and pass laws that ignore nature’s laws. It is with true love I warn them of the consequences both temporal and eternal. People still have free will and if they choose that lifestyle anyway, that is their choice. What they do behind closed doors is none of my business. I have to step in when people want to make that lifestyle public by changing the law.

Mary Mishima