Jaywalking is safer than using crosswalks

Why I jaywalk: I walk around Central Maui an average of almost two hours a day, and I must jaywalk for my safety. I risk my life daily by walking, and more so if I stick to crosswalks. The problem is that most Maui drivers don’t look both ways before proceeding at an intersection, where most crosswalks are.

If a driver intends to turn right, he/she looks to the left only, for cars, never even glancing right for pedestrians, and often without coming to a full stop as required by law.

This endangers pedestrians in the two crosswalks that the driver must cross to make that turn. Therefore, it is safer for pedestrians not to cross at intersections, where careless drivers can be coming from four directions, but to cross instead where they have to watch for cars from only two directions. This usually means crossing where there is no crosswalk.

Kurt Butler