Joint effort needed to reach goals at Paia School

The struggle for the future of Paia School is apparent. Parents of children in Hawaiian Immersion and parents of children in Paia School’s English classes are finding they have less in common and more to debate and argue about.

Here are two things we have in common: We want what is best for our children. We want Paia to thrive.

After attending a meeting regarding immersion conversion, I noticed many of the testimonies were overflowing with both passion and disgust, revolution and stagnation, nostalgia and future aspirations.

What I propose is this: We as makua, parents of Paia English, members of the Paia community and those who claim to support Hawaiian language should come together to formulate a solution rather than pleading our cases. Each year, a passionate group of Kula Kaiapuni parents forms a hui to discuss the improbabilities and obstacles of obtaining a Hawaiian Immersion Charter School for Maui. We have the chance to involve everyone linked to Paia School to work toward that goal now.

If the Paia English feel strongly about keeping English at Paia School, help us work toward a Charter for Hawaiian Immersion. Each voice counts.

If the Kaiapuni makua and students feel strongly about having a site of olelo Hawaii wale no, help us work toward a charter. Each voice counts.

The community can be a part of history in the making, using members’ knowledge, dedication and connections in making a charter school a reality for the Hawaiian language students. Each voice counts.

Pua Kanealii