Judgmental signs insulting and show animosity

It’s a sign, a sign that will influence people or discourage people. People of different race, color and diverse lifestyles are holding these signs. I feel that these signs are not demonstrating freedom of speech, but animosity and misperception. These signs say, “Traditional marriages only” or “GOD IS FIRST, MARRIAGE IS SACRED” or encourage signing the petition that will prohibit lawmakers in approving gay marriage in Hawaii and the people of America should vote on such issue. People are people. I am insulted, and these people should never judge.

I am not going to touch base on religion, leaders in various denominations and their carcasses in the closet. I could write a book on that.

My partner and I are successful in our careers and we do so much for our communities. I will marry him at the top of Ali’i Kula Lavender gardens in the white gazebo while the garden is draped in metro-Hawaiian kapa prints, purple, pink, illuminating lights while loved ones are present.

Happiness and love is the key to all of this. All I know is that God loves me. Pele, Kane, Kanaloa and Jesus love me. I know my father and mother raised me and my siblings well. My parents and grandparents love me. I am in love and grateful. I am Hawaiian and gay.

Why do birds sing so gay? Because they’re happy.

People on the sidewalks waving down people with signs of animosity, are you happy?

Kalani Pe’a