Light being shed on unfair treatment of Mexicans

It is great that light is finally being shed on the fact that Mexicans are unfairly being targeted by immigration officials (The Maui News, Sept. 29).

When Maui first felt the blows of the recession about six years ago, it was commonplace for a Maui County police officer to pull a car over that supposedly had a tail light out and check the ID of every single person in that car if they looked “Mexican.” It got so bad, my American-born friend of Mexican descent took down her rosary from her rearview mirror and her bumper stickers that were affiliated with Mexico. She was getting tired of getting to work late so often because the police would pull her over.

Even Maui Economic Opportunity held a meeting with Maui County Police Department and the Mexican community in which the police assured they were not targeting Mexicans. Funny how statistics showed a whole different story.

If you pay attention enough, it’s easy to observe that whenever the economy is booming in the U.S., the border doors swing open for immigrants. The U.S. welcomes cheap labor from immigrants. As soon as there is any kind of recession, the U.S. deports like crazy.

Twenty years ago, you would never see an article casting Mexicans as unfair targets by immigration officials. Instead, you would read articles scapegoating Mexicans for the problems of the economy. Yellow journalism at its best.

At least times are changing now and people are becoming a little less ignorant.

Kanani Higbee