Many groups assisting animals deserve support

For almost two years I have been most fortunate to help coordinate and moderate monthly meetings for the Maui County Animal Coalition, presently composed of 17 nonprofits dedicated to assisting our creatures – ranging from the largest, Maui Humane Society, which is contracted by county government to perform the state-required animal management program, to the smaller but well-known SPCA Maui, which is doing weekly spay neuter clinics, to those defined by genus or species such as 9th Life Hawaii.

But there are several smaller, lesser known ones – such as Valley Isle Animal Rescue (, which was featured in the Oct. 4 article concerning the rescued pooch Moke – that perform vital services without any compensation. I am lucky to have known the group’s co-founders for several years and, as was indicated in the article, the couple is on call all night (5 p.m. to 7 a.m., a very long night), every night (Yes, they do literally have day jobs, too.) for the police to call for an animal emergency when MHS is closed.

While limits preclude naming the other 13 nonprofits, most all are unfunded, all-volunteer manini groups that somehow find time to assist one another while doing the marvelous work they do and supporting themselves and their families – both humans and other species.

Just one other, as mentioned in the article, that assisted in helping Moke recover is Maui Pitbull Rescue (, which is run by another extraordinary couple.

Please support them.

Mike Moran