Marriage came into being long before the church

A Sept. 28 letter writer stated, “When you think of marriage, you think of a man and a woman in a church in front of a pastor holding a Bible. It was a church creation.” How presumptuous. People were getting married or joining in a lifelong commitment centuries before the written word even existed. Some simply exchanged vows either by themselves or among the company of their family or nearest clan.

To say that marriage was a church creation is inaccurate. The joining of two people in a lifelong commitment, prior to modern-day ceremony, was accepted as a state of mind, a promise to each other long before it was decided that a formal ceremony and payment for legal documents were required to validate (or socially legalize) the bonding by love between two people.

The bottom line is we are who we are. We do not create ourselves during conception. If one is truly to believe that God is a God of love, then that includes all – yes, all – of his creations. He did not personally appoint any of us to judge others in his stead.

And for those who thrive on quoting Scripture, remember: “He who is without sin, throw the first stone.” Enough said.

We have more pressing issues within our own house (government) to clean up before we continue to pass judgment on others.

Roy Ayala