Monsanto, its employees are good for community

Genetically modified organism activists like to claim that Monsanto spends a great deal of money for its own self-interest, falsely implying that what’s good for the company is not good for Hawaii.

Like any other resident, I and my fellow employees are members of the community, and at Monsanto Hawaii, we believe it’s our responsibility to be a good neighbor and good employer. Over the last several years, our company and employees have given more than $1.2 million in addition to in-kind donations and more than 6,000 volunteer hours in support of education, charitable organizations and important agriculture initiatives like the Kunia Ag Park and the Agriculture Security Watch.

I don’t write this to brag. I write this because we have really great employees who give generously of their time and energy. It’s wrong to characterize such good-hearted and well-meaning people as selfish and uncaring.

As a company, Monsanto is proud to be able to offer good jobs and benefits to our hardworking employees and to be part of an industry that contributes to Hawaii’s economy without any government subsidies or special land grants.

Fred Perlak

Vice President Research and Business Operations Monsanto Hawaii

Kunia, Oahu