Neophyte marijuana users need driving lessons

Having been a member of the oft-identified counter-culture surfing community since the 1950s and a teenager in the San Francisco Bay area in the 1960s, I think I can safely say that I may or may not have seen someone driving a car under the influence of marijuana.

Cars were much heavier, clunkier and slower than today’s swoopy-doopy models, and the most serious obstacles at the time, so I may or may not have heard, other than seeing a police car in the rear-view mirror, were laughing so hard one rolled on the floor, spending way too much time tuning in the radio, steering with one’s knees while lighting a joint or marveling at the scenery seemingly hurtling by while going 4 mph.

As a caring grandfather, I now worry about the newly emerging class of neophyte medical marijuana users, who, having begun at some later and much steeper learning-curve age and having left the privacy and security of their own abodes, are taking to the road fogged in a cloud of medical issue relief on their quest downtown in an attempt to corner the world market on mystic mints, or something like that.

Perhaps in the interest of public safety, teaching, testing and issuing pakalolo driving school certificates would not only help to protect the citizenry, but offer employment to akamai baby boomers who have need of further financial aid in their golden years.

A win-win situation if there ever was one.

Robert Shaw