Obama set on building a monument for himself

President Barack Obama is fanatically set on building for himself a monument – the Obamacare.

There are politicians who want to restructure the legislation that lays out the plans and specifications for the nationwide health program. Such restructuring would provide greater choice to the people in obtaining health care. The proffered restructuring is tied with proposals to control federal government spending and reduce and limit the deficit, which has reached the unimaginable amount of $17 trillion to $18 trillion. The proposals were forwarded as an option for staving off shutting down certain government operations.

Obama opted to fight for preserving his monument, and let government operations shut down. I am reminded of the bridge on the River Kwai of World War II fame. The British general who had it built became so enamored with the bridge he would rather have it saved than destroyed. The bridge was destroyed to prevent the enemy forces from crossing it – helping to bring the war to an end in favor of the allies.

Obamacare, a monument to the incumbent president, could survive. The signs are that it would entail much cost and sacrifice on the part of the people.

Tony Ramil

Maui Meadows