Obamacare won’t work due to plethora of loopholes

To fund Obamacare, President Barack Obama plans on taking from hospital funding.

He fails to acknowledge that doing so will impair the merit of being a doctor. Who wants to go through rigorous years of medical school for a lousy paycheck? Medical positions’ prestige threatens to mirror Cuba’s if Obamacare concedes. Obamacare has a plethora of loopholes and thus is not prepared to define the health care of an entire nation.

In addition to said problems, let us consider what happens to those below the poverty line. If you make less than $31,000 a year and your state opts out of government assistance, then you will have no health insurance. Perhaps you manage to afford cheap health care at the exchange. Cheap plans will not insure you entirely, meaning accidents will render you penniless. Or, you can refuse to purchase from the exchange and brace yourself for constant government fees.

Furthermore, Obamacare necessitates Congress to collaborate. That sentence alone is enough to make the average American chuckle, considering the fact that Congress is at a historically low level of productivity.

The University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization estimates Hawaii’s average per capita income at $32,500, which is above the poverty line. So, most citizens in Hawaii will have to pay on average what Forbes magazine estimates at $7,500. Say Hawaii opts out of government assistance, then even those who make less than $31,000 a year will have to pay what they cannot afford.

Cathrine Perez