Our laws are not subject to religious approval

The Oct. 20 letter writer who is adamant about God’s law (which is subject to multiple interpretations) against same-sex marriage (and divorce?) has a point. If she or any others believe that it is divine ordination, it removes the issue from legislative conflict. Our laws are not subject to permission by the Vatican, synods, stakes or any other ecclesiastic body.

Religion has already crept into our government to an alarming degree.

That said, we do not target or criminalize religious observance unless it harms another. What harm would same-sex marriage do to anyone? At present, clergy are not obligated to perform any marriage. Why would that change?

Why are people so fearful of granting legal rights equivalent to their own that they allow their church organizations to spend donated money for ads rather than charity? Hardly a “do unto others” moment.

Marjorie Bonar