Overthrowing the Fed is key to nation’s survival

President Barack Obama recently appointed the new American chairman of the Federal Reserve. That in itself is ludicrous because the Fed is not a government agency, but it illustrates the extent to which the Fed, and by extension the cabal which owns it, has burrowed into the fabric of America and the world. Anyone who knows anything about the Fed is horrified at what they are doing to us.

Presidents Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy tried to pry the country from their clutches, and look what happened to them. No doubt, every president, senator and congressman gets the talk soon after election, educated on how things will be and the price for noncompliance. Thousands of elected officeholders cannot be ignorant of the Fed’s excesses, yet they remain mute.

Overthrowing the Fed is the key to our republic’s survival, and it will take all of us to do it, from the bottom up. We know that the top is rotten to the core.

Robert C. Murdoch