Park needs to be designed for enjoyment of all

I read with interest the front-page article on Oct. 12 about the regional park. It seems to me that a better name would be “The Regional Sports Complex for People Who Play Baseball, Softball or Soccer.” I wonder where the people who need the baseball diamond, four Little League fields, four softball fields and four soccer fields are playing now.

What about the rest of us? What about the senior citizens? Or taxpaying citizens who do not have children? I hope there will be plenty of grassy fields with shade trees, paths for walking and jogging, and maybe a bicycle trail for ordinary folks who do not play sports. Are they being discriminated against?

I have been to many parks around the world, including Central Park in Manhattan, where people enjoy relaxing outdoors in nature without the need to be in an organized sport. My hope is that we will have the same opportunity to do that here at home and it will be a park that will truly be for the enjoyment of all.

Joan Anderson