Politicians fear the vote of people who pay them

Government is the only corporation where the workers make more money than the people who pay them. The people who pay them don’t always get done what they expect the workers to do. Example: The people want to vote on the issue but their workers (the politicians) say that the law allows them to decide for the people what should be and they don’t want the voters to vote on it. The reason: Fear that the majority of the people who vote and pay them will win the vote to stop this same-sex marriage from happening here.

In order to accelerate the process, they push for a special session before the next election so all the supporting politicians can put their names where they will be noticed in order to get the same-sex support in the voting booth. Very subtle.

I’ve said this before: There are other places that allow this. Go there and do it. Just leave us to our own simple-minded lifestyle.

Voters: Take notes and let’s start putting people in office who will work for the people’s interest and not just for their own political future. If this is allowed, watch the sudden growth in population and also the voter registration. We need to stop being forced to accept things we don’t approve of.

Henry Kahula Jr.