Politicians serving themselves, not the people

The legal voters of Hawaii already voted no on legalizing homosexual marriage, but our delusional, self-serving politicians think they know better than the people they swore to represent.

The governor and the president have an agenda that many of us don’t agree with. But because we don’t agree with them, they label us as bigots.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. The self-proclaimed liberals cannot accept anyone who thinks differently and attacks them with with slanderous names and disgusting accusations.

This is Jonestown all over again. We are all expected or forced to drink the Barack Obama/Neil Abercrombie Kool-Aid (cultural suicide) and like it.

Homosexual rights are not the same as civil rights. Nobel Peace Prize winner Martin Luther King Jr. must be rolling over in his grave seeing the homosexual movement use his fight for equal political rights for African-Americans as their battering ram to destroy our society with liberal laws that encourage homosexuality.

The governor and any state representative or state senator who votes to legalize homosexual marriage in Hawaii may be surprised come November 2014, as we the people take back our government from the professional politicians who have bought their lifetime seats in the Legislature and could care less about the rest of us.

Mark Smith