Put baseball players in charge on Capitol Hill

The solution to the gridlock in the U.S. Congress seems so simple.

Currently, several hundred players and managers from Major League Baseball are furloughed. Trade them with all 535 members of Congress. They are accustomed to hard work and they are replaced for nonperformance. Allies one day become adversaries the next and vice versa. Every game is open to public scrutiny and instant feedback.

Send the gang from Capitol Hill to somewhere warm for winter baseball. I would suggest Death Valley or a marsh in the Everglades, but they are currently closed.

The nature of professional ballplayers is to get it done, so the problems of the federal government would be solved before spring training.

As for pure, hilarious entertainment, who could not enjoy watching 535 knuckleheads playing baseball? I would pay good money to see conservatives versus liberals in the Congressional World Series.

This plan may seem strange, but the next six months at status quo will certainly be far worse.

Douglas Bronick