Questions raised on bill to legalize gay marriage

Regarding the special session of the Legislature being called to consider legalizing gay marriage and Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s statement, “There are serious, deep and wide-ranging consequences” (The Maui News, Sept. 10). Here are a few of many questions from a voting citizen:

* How will this bill affect our education system?

* How will this bill affect nonprofits (including schools) and the way they conduct business?

* Given the wide range of ramifications socially, culturally, legally and financially, have all the “serious, deep and wide-ranging consequences” been fully examined and shared with the people of Hawaii?

* Given the seriousness of the consequences and that there have been other issues I have had the opportunity to vote on, why am I not able to vote on this issue personally?

* And finally, are legislators and the governor willing to stake themselves, their loved ones and all they own on the line for their decision? Because, that is what they are asking me to do.

Noel Kuraya