Real immigration issue is lack of enforcement

Despite the headlines and assertions throughout the Sept. 29 article, I fail to see any real evidence of unfair targeting of Mexicans in this state. We are, however, treated to another biased report that attempts to make the case that illegal immigrants should be given a free pass to live and work among us.

Officials like to lecture us that the U.S. and Hawaii are nations born of immigrants, but fail to mention that we were also founded as a nation based on the rule of law. Since 1870, the U.S. has had immigration laws in place to maintain an orderly balance between citizens of birth and those of immigrant status. Now, the president, certain special interest groups and many employers openly disregard our laws and wail that the system is broken. That may be, yet, until the existing immigration laws are changed these laws should be enforced wholeheartedly, just like any other. As lawful citizens, we have a basic right to be protected by our government from having to compete for jobs, housing and other community resources with illegal immigrants.

Next week we will be asked to believe yet another study that claims Martians are being unfairly treated in Hawaii, anything to divert our attention from the real issues of the illegal behavior of up to 20 million people in this country – people who have no lawful right to be here. No amount of rhetoric, tear-jerking or moral equivalency justifies this mass lawlessness.

James H. Swor