Residential areas deserve a peaceful environment

Maui County Council’s Planning Committee will be holding public hearings through December to take public testimony regarding amending the Maui County Code relating to home-based businesses in Maui County. It’s important for all residents that all home-based businesses operate quietly, respectfully, and not negatively impact surrounding neighbors.

My understanding is that automotive repair, machinery and engine repair, woodworking and other noisy businesses could be permitted to operate in my community and possibly next door to me. I am completely against having to endure the smells, noise, vibration, etc., that are a normal byproduct of these types of businesses. Mine and my family’s health could be harmed.

If I worked a graveyard shift and came home early morning from my job to sleep during the daytime, I would not be be able to due to these types of businesses operating next door.

If these businesses were to be allowed within residential areas, everyone’s quality of life would be negatively impacted. Our right to come home to relax in a peaceful environment would be taken away, because of the permitted operation of these for-profit businesses. They belong in an industrial area – not within a residential area.

I’m not against home-based businesses but they should not adversely impact others and instead should be quiet ones – like a seamstress, tax preparer, bookkeeper, etc. – and not one that violates my rights, especially my valued right to quiet enjoyment of my home and property.

Leslie Pinto