Same-sex marriage a secular, not religious issue

With all due respect to the churches whose ad in the Oct. 12 paper urged us to pressure legislators to vote down recognition of same-sex marriage, let us all remember that the issue is secular, not religious.

The 1,000-plus federal benefits and responsibilities conveyed upon married same-sex couples and their children have everything to do with the well-being of the family and nothing to do with the multiple sacred marriages of King Solomon or that of a woman in biblical times forced to join her rapist in sacred marriage.

Nothing in the proposed Hawaii law will force any church to bless a union formalized by the state and recognized by the federal government.

I am secure enough in my heterosexual marriage not to be threatened by sharing our federal and state rights with loving same-sex couples.

Let Hawaii stand on the right side of history with equality for all.

Robyn Walters