Scheme to undermine Native Hawaiians continues

Despite the fact that Kealoha v. Machado was heard by the Hawaii Supreme Court five months ago, our longtime mechanism of political denial is pack it up, closing shop. But not without first making sure that the longtime scheme of undermining Native Hawaiians’ self-determination is funded by the very people who are recognized descendants, by both of our Abbott & Costello governments, “the betterment of the conditions of Native Hawaiians” to which gave standing of the creation of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

And now the recognized people, including their descendants, are threatened with the loss of benefits, citizenship, etc., should they refuse to partake in this long-sought scam that continues down the same path of undermining Native Hawaiian self-determination by signing the Kanaiolowalu Declaration.

Kupuna o ka lahui Hawaii, stand fast.

Samuel L. Kealoha Jr.

Kaamola, Molokai