Sedition is an unenforced law in the United States

For a simple letter to the editor, a woman was charged with sedition. Sedition is “incitement of resistance or insurrection against lawful authority,” also “false, scandalous, malicious writing about the president.”

Many journalists and members of Congress are guilty of sedition. In many countries these seditionists would be imprisoned.

Sedition is a crime in the U.S. but, unfortunately, not enforced. Many writers to The Maui News are seditionists and racists but are published anyway. Facilitating seditionists is also a crime. The editors of The Maui News probably know that but don’t care.

The Affordable Health Care Act is law. Our president is a U.S. citizen.

Tea Partyers (seditionists united): Don’t ask for welfare, food stamps or health care assistance. You’re on your own, just like you like it. Good luck keeping up with your bills while living in a trailer and making minimum wage.

Ah, the American dream come true.

Jeff Bigler