Standard of morality is set by a higher power

What holds marriages together? Aren’t they the vows of commitment we make before a higher authority? Isn’t that commitment only as good as the moral character of the people involved? Isn’t the standard of morality set by their higher power?

To Christians, our higher power and moral authority is God almighty, creator of the universe. We believe that he created everything perfectly and with a purpose. In order to keep everything in perfect order, he set guidelines to keep everything running perfectly and safely, not unlike our traffic laws, which we make to keep us safe and orderly.

When he created us, he gave us a priceless gift – the right to choose. Because he loves us, he tells us exactly what will work and not work. He tells us what will give us life and all its blessings, or death with all its pain. But, he lets us choose.

Because he loves us, he tells us the consequences of our choices. He is eternal and if we trust in his wisdom and obey him, we will have life. If we don’t trust him and choose to disobey him, we will have pain and death.

I trust that we will acknowledge that his idea of marriage, instituted as between one man and one woman, which has stood the test of time, will be our choice, too. Let us not play God because one of these days we will have to be accountable to him.

Barbara Y. Tengan