State failing to protect the aina or the people

On Kauai, the residents are pushing their council to enact a law which will force disclosure in types, amounts and location of pesticide use and creating buffer zones.

Doctors are saying babies are being born with deformities there.

An environmental impact statement with a moratorium on use was taken out of bill that would have stopped all genetically modified organisms and pesticide use by biotech companies.

The state is not doing its job. I learned the hard way when I was poisoned.

On the Big Island, a GMO ban was put in place, except for papayas, which will be impossible to eradicate at this point.

All U.S. Department of Agriculture promises – all – were a total fail. Broken trust. The truth is still hidden.

The military wants more decades to bomb depleted uranium on our aina. The state will once again disregard the aina, and people.

Kimberly Usher