Stop discrimination against those dining alone

I recently became a widow after 45 awesome and loving years to my best friend and love of my life, who made his final journey after battling pancreatic cancer.

I often go out to breakfast, lunch or dinner by myself, if not with friends. Why is it when asked how many and I say, “One,” I get this look as if I have some type of disease? It is very hurtful. The couple in front of me was asked, “Inside or out?” But I was told, “There is a table in the corner.” Now, why do I want to sit in the corner?

I did not choose to become a widow at the young age of 65. We always went to dinner and had so much fun. But now I am on my own in many ways.

This is discrimination. Managers, hosts and hostesses: Whether it is a table for one, two or three, you do not know the circumstances, so be kind and offer a choice of where to sit.

At least I am getting out. I could just sit at home with my chocolate lab and feel sorry for myself. Nope, not me.

Tere Patterson