Support those who will do what’s best for nation

If we are truly tired of Washington gridlock we are the ones to blame and the ones to fix it.

First off, stop putting in people that only see their (your) side of the situation.

Second, support your two-party system, otherwise you might as well live in Russia or China. Support diversity and applaud folks, including yourself, who can see the other person’s viewpoint. Support and vote for the truly responsible person that will do the best they can for the country – not their party or their constituents. United we stand and divided we fall. Support both parties.

Vote for folks who understand what we really need – a strong country where no party, individual or group wins. A country where our politicians are pushing to make the country better for all regardless of party, opinion, race, creed or sexual orientation.

That is what will make the country strong. Country above all. All for one and one for all. None of us win if some of us lose. Democrat or Republican – vote for the better person who has one goal in mind: To make the country strong and a better place to live for all with an open mind and an open heart.

Ray Phillips