The stupids are different but party is the same

Told you so in a Sept. 23 letter. For the second time (same party, different stupids) in history, the government technically has no funds. Bad enough, but the debt limit is only two weeks away and the stupids are still here.

How did we get here? Cutting through the rhetoric on both sides of the accusation game, here it is.

For the previous three years, the GOP hammered the U.S. Senate for not passing a budget resolution despite the fact a previous law had frozen spending for that period, making a budget redundant. The Senate approved a budget early this year, but it differed from the House version. Congressional procedure is for the opposing bills to be referred to a conference committee equally represented by members of both houses to reach a compromise and present it to each house to approve and send to the president. That never happened. Without a budget, Congress usually passes a continuing resolution, meaning it extends current funding levels for a designated period. It didn’t, and here’s an analogous example.

You and I are siblings with a dispute over money. We agree to compromise. We narrow our differences to near a point where negotiators usually agree to split the remaining difference and settle. I suddenly say I’ll do that, but you and I agreed to share care for our ailing parents a while back and now I don’t want to. To hell with them or no compromise.

The Grand Old Petulant party strikes again.

Howard Fields